Find your voice. Share your story. Discover your freedom.


STORIESX8 is an eight-week small group experience that guides women through the journey of sharing their stories, finding freedom in the process, and living a lifestyle of confession.

We are strong. Capable. Wise.

But secretly we feel broken. Wounded. Hurt. Lost. Life has left its mark. We limp along, pretending we’re okay, a smile on our face. Never admitting to ourselves or to anyone else that we’re struggling.

We want to be known, loved, and heard.

But we isolate ourselves instead and become disconnected from one another. We think that no one can possibly understand what we’re going through. We can’t face the judgment that will come when people know our pain. And besides, we believe it’s selfish to unload your burdens on others.

We want to be known, loved, and heard.

But we isolate ourselves instead and become disconnected from one another. We think that no one can possibly understand what we’re going through. We can’t face the judgment that will come when people know our pain. And besides, we believe it’s selfish to unload your burdens on others.

We become silent. We hide our history. We live in darkness.

But there is a better way. It is a way that brings a new level of freedom. A way that allows us to be real and vulnerable and loved. It is the way of confession.

The STORIESX8 Small Group Experience

STORIESX8 is an eight-week experience, designed for groups of eight women, that will introduce you to a new view of confession. Through the eight weeks, you will have the opportunity to dive into topics that keep you stuck, discover and share your own unique story in an accepting and safe environment, and understand what it means to live a lifestyle of confession. It is an experience that will transform your life and help you overcome the biggest obstacle – yourself.

What's in the workbook?

Each section of the workbook walks you through a topic that influences your ability to share your story and reveals the lies keeping you stuck. There is a weekly reading, insightful videos from Anne, and most importantly, the opportunity for one woman to share her story each week.

The Power of Confession

The Struggle with Guilt & Shame

Making Anger Work For You

Changing Your Self-Image

Life is Hard. God is Good.

Fighting Fear

The Depths of Depression

Out of Darkness, Into The Light

ADDITIONAL SECTIONS INCLUDE: A New View of Confession, Identify Your Feelings, Your Personal Story & Journey, The Lifestyle of Confession & More!

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Each week includes a video message from Anne.

In each of the eight sections, Anne shares a message of hope connected to that week’s topic. She talks about her own experience in this area as well as how she overcame.

Click play on the video above to watch a short sample.

Transforming Women from the Inside-Out

“I have learned to meet people where they are. When you hear someone’s story it is impossible to be judgmental towards them because you understand them better.”


“I’ve learned how to replace feelings of anxiety, worry, and depression with feelings of peace, joy, and hope. The sweet taste of freedom and victory is so much better than the bitter dregs of bondage and defeat!”


“Telling my story in a safe environment has been the most freeing thing I’ve ever done. I have learned that my story defines who I am & I’m proud of who I am.”


Start a STORIESX8 Small Group Experience

Starting a STORIESX8 group is a simple process. We don’t believe you have to be perfect or have it all together to be a facilitator. In fact, being able to admit you don’t have all the answers is key to being a great leader.

All we ask is that you keep an open mind and a humble attitude as you lead a group through the experience.

Learn about what’s included below and click the purchase button to order your kit and begin the transformative work of living a lifestyle of confession.


8 Workbooks

Each kit comes with eight beautifully designed workbooks that walk women through the process of identifying their feelings, understanding the power of their story, and learning how to embrace confession.

Facilitators guide

After conducting the group with hundreds of women, we’ve learned the most effective ways to organize and run the experience. Our comprehensive Facilitators Guide walks you through step-by-step how to lead a group.

Lifetime access to group videos

Your purchase of a workbook gives you access to video lessons from Anne that start each week with an insightful look at topics affecting our ability to live a lifestyle of confession. Click here to access the videos.

Promo materials to spread the word.

You’ll also get access to a collection of posters, flyers, and more to help spread the word about STORIESX8.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this group for?

STORIESX8 is for every woman that wants to discover the freedom that comes from a lifestyle of confession. We’ve had women from ages 20 to 75 participate. The purpose is to provide women with an opportunity to share their story and work through the situations that keep us stuck.

While it is an experience that applies to all women, we don’t recommend having a group with women under 18.

How many women can participate in the small group?

We’ve learned through trial and error that STORIESX8 works best with eight women at a time (1 facilitator + 7 additional participants). The workbook is designed to be completed over eight weeks, which also allows each of the eight women an opportunity to share her story. Including more than eight women will extend the overall length of the experience, which leads to a loss of interest.

I'd like to do this with a large group. Do you have any recommendations?

If you have a large group that you’d like to do this with, we recommend starting together each session as an entire group to watch the videos and then breaking into smaller groups of 7-8 for the remainder of that week’s session. (It’s important that each group has a private place to meet.) If you have questions about how to organize and run the group with larger amounts of women, please contact our team at We’d be happy to help you get set up for success.

Do I have to buy an entire kit of eight?

Yes and no!

STORIESX8 is intended for small groups of 8 women, each with their own workbook. Buying the kit gives each participant 10% off the total cost. The kit also includes additional items.

So, technically, you can select a single workbook during the checkout but we’d recommend purchasing the kit all at once. 🙂

Do you have resources for group facilitators?

Yes, each STORIESX8 group kit comes with a Facilitator’s Guide that is based on best practices we’ve learned by taking hundreds of women through the experience. In addition, we have helpful resources on the Facilitators Resource page such as promotional posters. You can also join our facilitators Facebook group.

How do I access the weekly videos and additional resources?

You can access the videos and resources here, by clicking the “Facilitator Log In” button in the main header at the top of this page, or by clicking the “Facilitator Resources” button in the footer menu on any page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but our online e-commerce system isn’t set up for international shipping. Please contact us directly at to arrange for an international order.

Can I book Anne to speak at women's conferences or our church service?

Absolutely! Anne travels the globe sharing her inspirational message! Please start the inquiry process by completing the speaker request form found on her website here.

Brought to you by Auntie Anne Beiler

Auntie Anne Beiler is best known as the founder of Auntie Anne’s pretzels, the worlds largest pretzel franchise. But before rising to success, Anne went through years of defeat, despair, and depression that kept her stuck in a place of darkness. Her story became the tool she used to overcome and it was through her pain that she discovered her purpose.

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